Aliviado Dementia Care For Hospice

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Aliviado Dementia Care for hospice was developed with the specific needs of hospice agencies and their seriously ill patients in mind. The holistic interdisciplinary framework of Aliviado Dementia Care fits seamlessly into the already existing hospice IDT team model. Our program is developed to help support hospice clinicians in effectively providing pain and symptom management and spiritual and psychosocial support. The program si geared for both patients where dementia is the primary diagnosis for admission as well as a secondary diagnosis, and in both private homes and other settings.

In addition to assisting your agency in providing high quality care, Aliviado Dementia Care for hospice can provide a high return on investment. Many persons with dementia are prescribed highly expensive but ineffective medications that actually worsen the quality of life of the patient. Moreover, by effectively treating patients during their routine care, the need for continuous, respite or general inpatient levels of care can be reduced.